Gabriella Wright, interprets a mother and meditation teacher for prisoners at Amity Foundation LA, comes back from work on a “normal day” and finds her 16 year old son hanging in his room.

Life changed in an instant.

Gabriella wants to understand what was going on in her son’s mind. She meets Deepak Chopra and asks all the most difficult questions. How to explain suicide, how to detect suicide? How can we keep living afterward, and is it possible to transform the pain? How?

His answers are a fascinating bridge between ancient wisdom and the latest scientific discoveries. Deepak Chopra’s part in the film is not acting. He opens all his heart and shares his wisdom with a universal simplicity accessible to all audiences.

1Directed By
Michel Pascal
2Produced by
Gabriella Wright, Michel Pascal
3Line Producer
Juliana Klinkert
Gabriella Wright, Deepak Chopra, Silouane Pascal, Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith, Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes, Dr. Diane Hennacy, Temba Lama, Michael Sean, Nicole Brandon, Sonya Om, Ena Love
5Never Alone Conversations
Gabriella Wright, Joshua Thompson
Hayley Ambriz, Siberia Su, Rev Yolanda Roger Anthony Mapes, Cynthia Ruiz
7Original Music
Paul Pesco, Myron McKinley, Michel Pascal, First Unity Spiritual Campus St.Petersburg, FL.
8Special thanks to our patrons
Jon Conboy, Kerry Adler, Alain Dumenil
9Special thanks to
Poonacha Machaiah, GoFundMe